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Social Influences within A Clockwork Orange

            The late 1950's and early 1960's were a crazy time for the United States, Britain, and everyone else worldwide. Anthony Burgess, an acclaimed author, was trying to make ends meet while living in London, told by doctors he was soon to die. In the days of this, he was forced to write in order to provide for his family. The book A Clockwork Orange was published in 1962 in order to support his family. The concepts in the novel are obviously influenced by the current times that he was living in. Also, the main concept in the novel, Moral Freedom, was clearly influenced by the changes going on. During these times, many youths were becoming involved in drugs and crime, which the characters in the novel also participate in. Secondly, extreme fundamentalist change that was upcoming would have caused him to write about such a topic, which was a main idea to developing the concept of Moral Freedom, which is represented. Finally, governments of many countries were communist or recovering from wars. They were experiencing many problems, just like the government that is in the book. The combination of those elements sparked thoughts of Moral Freedoms throughout the early 60's. Therefore, the main concept in the novel, A Clockwork Orange, was obviously influenced by the social changes and governmental conflicts of the late 50's and early 60's. The time Burgess wrote the novel in would have obviously influenced him to write about the main topic, that of Moral Freedom, and the details which caused the problem.
             The topic of crime and youth violence is quite clearly evident in the novel A Clockwork Orange. This is obviously due to the violence that was starting to become common between youths during the time period that the book was written. At the rate that youths were misbehaving and committing crimes, it was clear that in future times it would become quite worse, as it had rarely been a problem in the past.

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