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            TRIGUN, an anime that combines comedy with drama, is the shortest popular anime ever created. Created in 1998 by Yasuhiro Naito only 26 episodes were made, unlike the most popular anime, Dragonball Z, which had an outstanding 291 episodes. Anime is a type of cartoon created in Asian countries. Anime are long running series where one episode leads into the next. Anime can be anything from comedy to action. Trigun is an uplifting anime, which teaches many morals. Anime lovers of all types would love Trigun, whether they like anime with love stories or zany antics. Overall Trigun is the greatest anime I have watched; within the 26 episodes it has a complex story with many twists, many humorous plots, and morals to teach with lessons to learn.
             Many people think of any anime as just another childish cartoon. At the age of 12 I thought this way, when I saw my first episode of Dragonball Z. I can remember laughing and laughing at the stupidity. I even mocked my brother for showing me the stupid show. I was bored though so I kept watching (I had nothing better to do). I soon realized that I thought it was stupid because what was happening did not make since to me. When the characters fought I had thought they shot lasers out of their hand, but the show soon explained in detail what was actually happening, and how this was supposed to be a martial artists form of fighting (purely fictional of course). What I had not understood at first was that the show was an anime; I had to watch it beginning to end to fully appreciate what was happening. I began to love watching Dragonball Z, and with it I soon began watching many other anime. I have watched hundreds of hours of different anime, including Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Files), Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin The 3rd, and Dragonball (prequel to Dragonball Z). I also own many anime for my own home viewing (including all 26 episodes of Trigun).

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