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             Through the years the age that a person becomes sexually active has decreased rapidly and it is not uncommon to now see a fifteen year old who is no longer a virgin. In this research paper I will discuss why public schools should provide students with condoms in private areas of the school, and schools need to educate not only on abstinence but also on safe sex. This means the facts and myths of condoms and the proper way that condoms should be used. This paper will be based off of statistics, testimony, and a variety of examples as to why having condoms available to high school students would produce a positive outcome.
             Problematic Nature of This Issue.
             This issue has become problematic because far more teenage students are becoming sexually active during middle school and high school and not using protection. "The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate of any developed country" which shows that the United States as a country needs to concentrate on making sure that teens are sexually educated (Brown, 336). This issue has become very controversial in several states across the United States and many of the states are trying to find ways to slow the rate of STD's and pregnancies among high school students. People's strong beliefs as to why or why not they should be available are most of the time based off their family background and their religious beliefs. Studies have proven that "adolescents in schools where condoms were available were more likely to receive condom use instruction and less likely to report lifetime or recent sexual intercourse (Blake, 955)." .
             Audience and Purpose.
             The audience for this particular letter will be the school board of a particular school district. My purpose in arguing this issue is to decrease the percent of teenage pregnancies and diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse. I believe that if the school board saw it through a teenagers eyes who has gone through high school and seen what goes on, they will be more likely to change their viewpoint on the issue.

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