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Gianni Versace

             Known for his tremendous contributions to fashion and style Gianni Versace has made a name for everyone to wear. Throughout the remainder of this paper I will cover the evolution of Gianni Versace life and clothing as well as family support that has kept the Versace name popular. The biography will cover the beginning of his life and what had inspired him to become such an amazing designer. Moving on to what he did as a designer and after his life. what his family has done to contribute to his success. This will lead to the evolution of his clothing lines and what has kept the Versace clothing line so popular throughout the world. .
             Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy on December 2, 1946. At a young age Gianni and his brothers and sisters grew up around fashion from day one. There mother supported the family running her own tailoring shop, where Gianni would learn the basics of clothing production. He was an aspiring young designer, which showed true as his mother allowed him to design clothing to be sold in her shop. As time went on Gianni developed his designing skills further from selling clothing in his mothers shop, and started working in various fabric production companies as he became a young adult. How ever his first real designing job came in 1972 with a collection for Fiori, Fiorentini which was an Italian based company that had an established name in Italy. But still Gianni wanted his own name put on the clothing that he was designing. His next step in the process to gain recognition as an individual designer was with De Parisi, Genny which was another established label in Italy. Then came for Callaghan, Alma, and finally for Complice all very well established labels. At Complice Gianni would get his first chance to put his name on the clothing he was designing. This would lead to the start of an incredible designer who would be known from here on out as one of the best in the industry.

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