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            I chose Endings by Leon Prochnik because it looked interesting to me and I always wondered how some of these famous people died. I expect to use the information that I gained from the book to further my knowledge of famous people and to know some information for future research papers and what not. .
             Sigmund Freud lived a very painful life. He did not care for drugs to take away pain. He was stricken with cancer at the age of sixteen. Through out his entire life he suffered until September 23, 1939 at about midnight. He died while taking his first dose of morphine, slipped into a deep sleep, and never woke up. .
             Harry Houdini lived a magical life; he spent day and night throwing magic trick after trick at audiences everywhere. He lived as normal a life a famous magician could live, until one night. The night of his final performance his body decided to go bad, he started to suffer from appendicitis. He collapsed onto the floor in his dressing room with no chair or cot to fall to. He refused to go to the hospital, or get medical attention. He went onto the stage and performed as if it were any other night, only his assistants knew of his severe condition. After the curtains closed for the last time, he collapsed to the floor and then later died from a low immune system, which made him catch acute streptococcus peritonitis.
             Isadora Duncan was the mother of modern dance. She is a very big inspiration to me and many other dancers across t he world. She loved to improve with scarves and she danced with her emotions instead of dancing to form and perfection. One day driving in an open Bugatti, she was offered a leather jacket and refused it, not knowing that the leather jacket was a matter of her living or dying. She then threw a shawl around her neck. The shawl that she had put on was then caught by the spokes of the car then yanked her neck so fast it snapped her neck instantly and then smashed her nose on the door, thus killing her.

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