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Scarlet Letter

            A Dissection of the Various Insignias Present within Masterpieces of the Written Word and Film.
             The Scarlet Letter, The Scarlet Letter (movie version), and Chocolat all contain a conspicuous amount of symbolism that is peppered throughout these works. The Scarlet Letter serves as the central nexus for ideas of ostracism for the deviants from the norm, which both movies are partially based on and relate to. Within all of these works there are some very important symbols that connect with the storyline and serve to better steer the ideas generated by the work to fit a theme. Many objects, events, and relationships in these three works overflow with symbolism. The Scarlet Letter, being the inspiration for many of these later cinematic works, offers the most amount of symbolism. .
             The Scarlet Letter offers four distinct symbols: the scarlet letter, the meteor, Pearl, and the rosebush next to the prison door. The scarlet letter is definitely the most pronounced symbol within this novel. The insignia assists to further concentrate Hester's sentiments of shame, sinfulness, and a marred past. The scarlet letter is incessantly there to remind her of her sexual relations with Reverend Dimmesdale and her infidelity towards her husband Mr. Prynne. Although, as the novel continues, it metamorphoses from an indication of deviation from Puritanism to a representation of good deeds and benevolence. This denotes the fickleness of society and the relative futility of societal utilization of symbols for ideological reinforcement. .
             The cinematic version of The Scarlet Letter is a liberal adaptation and thus contains many discrepancies with the book. Ergo, the downplay of the scarlet letter is evident, as is the relationship between Pearl and Hester and the relationship between Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. The cinematic adaptation of The Scarlet Letter focuses mainly on the current problems of the Massachusetts colony with the indigenous Indian peoples.

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