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There Are Three Crucial Pieces of Advice I Wish I Had Receiv

            One, of the pieces of advice I wish had received before coming to college, was how teachers involve their selves with the students. Some teachers care a great deal and will bend over backward to help the students pass; yet other teacher would not lift a finger. Some teachers don't remind you of when your work is due, until its time to turn in assignments. We as students should listen to what the teachers say, because we can miss something important, for example they could mention when the next test is. Some teachers don't care if you come to class or not. They can fail you and still get paid.
             Other piece of advice I wish I had gotten before coming to college was time management. I have learned that I have to stay on top of things, because if I forget to do something then I start to fall behind in class, then I spend all week playing the catch up game. Time management is a big thing; you have to learn to set aside time to study, time for to play, time for the daily household chores and to top it all off I have to force myself to get up in time to go to class because no one is forcing me any longer to go.
             The final thing I wish my friends and family told me is that I should have fun but not too much fun because it can affect my studies. From mot having this information I have gotten myself into trouble, but I have realized that going to some parties on the weekend is okay but going to all of them every night is not. I have come to the realization that these parties cost and being the college student that I am; I have a fixed income so I can't go to the ones that cost money. I have also come to the realization that on the weekdays I have to have a certain bedtime so I can get up and go to class in the morning, so that counts out a lot of the parties during the week.

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