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The Rise of Social Movements in WW2

             The genesis of World War One was controversial and was shrouded on confusion. Pinpointing exactly the political origins of the war is a still discordant issue even after all these years, however no one can deny that the facts are still there. While going into the background, history, and causes for the war is not necessary for this essay, it is important to realize that the systems in place during the pre-war period were essentially political "boiling pots" and these tensions carried over through the war into post war circumstances to shape new social movements. Many new political pressures arose during the rise of the New Social Movements and the level of comfort that the world had gotten used to by living under the old world order would be drastically changed by new social reformatory ideas with radical and lively leaders steering them into the 21st century.
             World War One is not often seen to most people as a battle between democracy and autocracy. Nonetheless, the war indeed was an ideological struggle in numerous respects. Take for example that while the original allied forces contained Tsarist Russia, Britain & France , the allies would later be split with the loss of Tsarist Russia to the Bolsheviks and the inclusion of the USA on the front. This new band of allies would now be an alliance sandwiched between a collection of countries devoted to liberal & democratic ideals against countries that were based around nationalism and military autocracy (The Axis). Yet, while the allies shared ideals, they were defectively democratic as well. While Britain and France were constantly in quest of expanding their empires at the cost of their adversaries, the United States was not in the war for Empirical gains. The European allies were odd with democracy, offering some liberties but not others. Some liberties were not even introduced until after the war such as all women being able to vote in Britain; or in France the discontinuation of the constant persecution of pacifists.

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