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St John The Divine Cathedral

             The place that I chose to visit was St. John the Divine Cathedral, located on 112th.
             I chose to explore this church because of.
             an Art class that I had taken here at BCC. The class explored the many different styles of.
             Christian churches that had been developed throughout history. The class learned about.
             styles such as Justinian, Byzantine and Romanesque styled churches, as well as many.
             others. The style that stood out to me the most was the Gothic style church. It was most.
             appealing because it was the mostly decorated church that my professor frequently.
             described as "ornate" and "overly dramatic". The sizes of the churches that I had seen on.
             many slides were huge and it was almost hard to imagine one in person. .
             Toward the end of the semester, my professor told the class that the second.
             largest, religious structure in the world was right here in New York City. I found this.
             surprising because it seemed so unreal to me just in pictures, but to know one is right.
             here in our city was amazing. I never made it to the church until just recently. Although I.
             was so fascinated about the church I forgot all about it. I"m glad I remembered because it.
             was more fascinating than I could have ever imagined.
             Gothic Style.
             Gothic cathedrals are among the most complicated monuments made of stone.
             The term "Gothic", is used primarily to this form of art which was produced in Western.
             Europe from about the middle of the 12th century in France to the 16th century in other.
             parts of Europe. The term was first used by the Italians during the 16th century to belittle.
             the previous Renaissance style. Literally, "Gothic" refers to the Germanic tribes who.
             invaded Greece and Italy and destroyed Rome in A.D. 410. The Goths were blamed for.
             destroying what was left of the Classical style during that time. In fact, Gothic art had.
             nothing to do with what happened several hundred years before it was developed, but by.
             the time scholars realized the origin of the name, in the 19th century, the name had.

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