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Coney Island

            Coney Island has had a tremendous impact on the way culture and society has changed and progressed over time. Life in the 19th Century was Coney Island not only impacted adults. One of Coney Island's greatest impacts was on children. For children Coney Island shaped their lives in a totally different manner. Coney Island had the ability to extend an invitation to an observer to become an active participant. It also attracted people because of the way it mocked the established social orders, which had already, been set.
             Coney island allowed people to loose their accustomed roles and status in society if even for a brief while. It offered a substantially free and unregulated social situation, which contradicted with the high degree of social behaviors and conduct expected in most other public activities. It broke down the sense of seriousness that captivated so much of American life at the turn of the century. Visitors displayed open interest in one another's activities and thrived upon their mutual interests and it was not uncommon for strangers to fall into conversations with each other. This was some of the thing that Coney Island did to you which affected your way of life. Coney island helped open the eyes for many young people who otherwise would have continued in societies accepted ways and led a basically prearranged life which was to grow up, have a family and unless you had some type of higher education you would probably end up at a factory or mine. But Coney Island allowed kids to see many aspects to life. It showed them that they could do whatever they wanted to in their life, whether it is a clown in a circus or a performer in the street. But most importantly I think it showed kids that they didn't have to follow societies "plan" but instead they explore their opportunities. Coney islands diversity also helped shape many lives. At Coney Island not only could you find people of all social classes but you could also find people from many different ethnicities.

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