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Jacksonian Democracy

            Popular ideas are often supported in a democracy. Andrew Jackson was a large supporter of democracy. Some of his actions force his reputation in the opposite direction. The democracy beliefs of Andrew Jackson were very un-democratic.
             Political power depended upon popular support during the time period of 1828-1837. Jackson's original ideas were to return to use federal power to the people. Jackson introduced the spoils system to use federal appointments to reward loyal Jacksonian- democrats. Unlike any other previous president, Jackson used advice from loyal friends and close advisors that compiled his, "Kitchen Cabinet". Jackson sought to end federal support of banks and corporations. He feared that government intervention in the economy had granted monopolies to the few elite.
             Jackson was against the states should have the right to nullify "unconstitutional" laws. To side with these rebellious states, Jackson introduced the compromise of 1833 tariff that lowered duty taxes on imported goods. Jackson raised the executive branch's power in the United States Government balance. The panic of 1837 was also bad for Jackson's democracy. Jackson tried to stop the panic by issuing Specie Circular of 1836. Where a person could only use "hard" money to buy land. Jackson used unethical terms to move thousands of Native Americans to what would be called Oklahoma. First, denying them American citizenship then ripped from their homes.
             Jackson had any other bank problems and/or agreements of banking system of the United States. Jackson disliked the Second bank the United States because it required state banks to be rid all at changing needs of the growing westerners and was another example of the rich using the government for their own personal benefit. Jackson also saw Second Bank of United States as a profiting-making concern whose policies were the interests of its investors. To fix this problem, Jackson deposited federal funds in the many smaller state banks.

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