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             Globalisation is a concern for many people, some it might be business; to some it might be something to take for granted. What Globalisation means is that it is breaking down traditional barriers between national states and foreign states, movement of goods, people and information.
             WHO ARE THE PLAYERS?.
             The players who are part of Globalisation are buyers like us, the main players are the business executives and the more larger companies such as Microsoft. Globalisation is done through the companies itself, consumers, the world economy and the other countries. There are many people and companies that are against Globalisation and this tends to make people start riots.
             What Globalisation means to Australia is that it provides us the goods that can keep us happy, entertained or update us to the latest info in accessories. Globalisation can provide many jobs here in Australia and with the many companies that have shut down like HIH and Ansett. Companies tend to target the poorer countries for there cheap labour and low maintenance costs. .
             Australia has a global interest that need to have a broad approach when it comes to trade policy. Australia has many resources and is important for industrial resources such as coal and gas especially for China, Australia is not one of the major trading countries in terms of goods and services. .
             Nike is an American owned and operated company that supplies sports and fitness equipment such as shoes, t-shirts, hats, bags etc. Nike has sold their products in over 100 countries since 1999. In 1975 Nike first became an international company when they opened an office branch in Taiwan. Nike is one of the biggest global companies in the world. Nike has established manufacturing industries in U.S, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, China and Korea. Nike has set up offices in most of the manufacturing sites, but additional offices were formed in Australia, Peru, Chili, Brazil, New Zealand, UK, and south Africa.

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