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Georgia Perimeter College

             As graduation approached, I began to think of where I wanted to go to College After I had found out that I was not going to be able to go to the University of West Georgia and play football, I started looking into Georgia Perimeter College. I thought Georgia Perimeter College would be a great place for me to start my College education because of the great help students can get from the Instructional Support Services (ISS) and the Advising and Counseling Office.
             The ISS insures students of their success because of the great variety of software and the tutors that are available. The software the lab has can help with practice tests, like the Compass or just grammar review. If a student wanted to get extra practice, the lab offers a very wide range of software and worksheets to students. The tutors in the ISS lab are very helpful; they can help students with the content, grammar, and style of an essay, or they can help a student understand a math equation. The ISS can also help students figure out their own style of learning. There are many tests that can be taken to help determine the students learning style. The Myers-Briggs is an assessment of a persons learning style. Once the student gets done answering fifty questions about the way he/she solves problems and handles different situations. The test will give the student four letters and each one of those letters will tell the student one characteristic of his/her learning style and personality. Advising and Counseling is also a great place to go seek help.
             The Advising and Counseling center offers many good opportunities. It can give you great direction in scheduling classes, career advice, and psychological advice. When getting help with class scheduling, students want help is so that they can know what they need to take to be able to transfer from GPC to a four year college. The Advising and Counselors will look up what is needed for the student to transfer, so that you can go on and succeed in life later on down the road.

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