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The concious of a man

             The cruelty of war, the power of an alliance and the honor of a man are vividly described in Hernado Tellez short essay "Just Lather, That All". In This short fiction story/essay Tellez tells a story that seems to real. It is almost as if he was describing what is going on today in Central and Southern American countries, such as Colombia. His story/essay is about one man who is caught in a dilemma during an encounter with his enemy. The dilemma of this man is his own conscious.
             It is strange how one mans conscious can go trough so many things, such as contradicting and asserting itself. And in this story/essay this occurs a lot as most of the story/essay is told from the conscious of the character. The character/man is a local barber who has great pride on his work, which is captured in a quote from pg. 700: "I am a good barber, the best in town, if I may say so". He is also part of an alliance of rebels .
             The dilemma of the barber starts when a Military group enters his work. The group is a team of soldiers whom haunts and kills rebels; and at the top of this group is a Captain named Torrez. Captain Torrez is a men who has a really bad image, he is painted in such a way that he resembles Fidel Castro in a line from pg. 699: " he took off the bullet-studded belt that his gun holster dangled from. He hung it up on a wall hook and placed his military cap over it". The barber is not pleased at all with this man being at his work "Damn him for coming because I"m a revolutionary-(pg.701). .
             The first thing that crosses the barber's conscious is to kill the captain or to not kill the captain. This question in his mind is what begins the entire dilemma. He had never had the captain so close to him and it was not known that he was a revel. But the barber knew one thing from the beginning; Torrez was a customer in his shop and not an enemy. This is clear through the entire story/essay as he quotes many times "I took a sheet out of the drawer and knotted it around my customer's neck"(pg.

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