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The Open Boat

             The Open Boat by Stephen Crane discusses the moral dilemmas of the men on this boat. The sense of loyalty that they feel to help one another helps shape the fate of the four men. Although the actions of these four men do affect their fate Mother Nature also shapes the fate of these four men. The loyalty that these four men feel towards one another and the actions of Mother Nature help to shape the destiny of the four men.
             The four men while traveling on this boat feel that they have to test many of their morals. The captain is hurt and the other men feel as if it is their duty to take over. The action of the other three men affects their survival. The men all realize that they have to work together to come out of this thing alive. This realization is most seen in the correspondent. The correspondent states that he as well as the other three have been taught to be cynical of men, but he realizes that he has shared this tragedy with the other three men on the boat and this forces him to form a comradeship that goes far beyond this experience. The correspondent also feels as if this experience is probably the best he or any of the other men have ever had. The correspondent then remembers a childhood verse about a dying solider. The correspondent felt his sympathy go towards this solider. Due to the situation that the correspondent is currently facing he feels he can relate to the dying solider. The correspondent realizes what it is like to be alone in this world but he also realizes that he doesn't have to be alone. The correspondent finally understands what it means to be human. He understands that as a human he has an obligation to help out other humans, this way when he is in need of help there will be some one there to help him. This moral revelation made by the correspondent greatly influences his fate. As the night continues the correspondent does his part in rowing the boat.

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