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            Is it an extreme manifestation of poverty or the absence of a residence? Homelessness generally falls into two categories: the literally homeless and the population at risk. The literally homeless groups include all of those living on the streets or in shelters and the population at risk groups include those that are at risk of being literally homeless. .
             The literally homeless include adults, children, and youth sleeping in places not meant for human habitation such as the streets, parks, alleys, and parking lots. Also, it includes adults, children, and youths in shelters such as emergency shelters, transitional shelters, all domestic-violence shelters, and any hotel, motel, or apartment voucher paid because the person or family is homeless.
             The population at risk to become homeless usually includes children and adults in institutions and/or children and youth living "doubled up" in conventional dwellings. It even includes the fairly elderly and refugees that are in precarious housing or economic conditions where an unexpected event could put them into the group of literally homeless.
             We all have our explanations of why people become homeless. Some say that it is because these people are just too lazy to get up off their bums and find a job, since it really doesn't take a whole lot of brain cells to flip burgers at the nearest fast food restaurant. This was my thought until I actually sat down and did a little research on being homeless.
             There are two types of causes to becoming homeless; personal causes and structural causes. Personal causes refer to the personal limitations that have become an obstacle to function adequately in today's society, while structural causes are related to how our society is organized and distributed.
             After reading about these things I learned that it is important to take into consideration that local circumstances can affect individual factors so it is hard to determine their influence.

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