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            My opinion is torn between science and religion in the matter of the bog people. In the name of science, it's important to dig these people up and dissect them in order to find out what their past was. Then again, it is disrespectful to them to dig them up from their grave in order to find out what they"re all about. If they are modern man like the movie said they are then why exactly do we have to disregard all morals and pull them out of the bog water? I would think that with science as advanced as it is there are more pressing matters that it could be directed towards today other than digging up the past. .
             Certainly, they could dig them up to find out who murdered them or why they were killed but what would be the point if we can't bring the assailants to justice. Just leave well enough alone and go about curing cancer instead of playing with a wrinkly old dead body. Then again, it's irritating to think that maybe these people could have a cure for cancer somewhere in those well preserved noggins. Some kind of herb found in a pocket of their still preserved pockets could be the cure to AIDS or some other disease that threatens modern man. However, if the scientists are going to dig them up at least have some common decency and do not put them on display where the world can see somebody's hideous corpse. If you had died today would you want your body poked and prodded by a bunch of 1st year med students, your intestines and vital organs hanging out like fresh meat for the grinding. .
             Science could be used for much better uses today rather than examining people who have been long dead. I mean we could be cloning new organs for the sick and dying, new appendages for people who are missing limbs. We could be working on the whole global warming problem, which I believe has been nicknamed El Nin`o.
             Just a few thoughts and feelings were awakened by the bog people video and poems.

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