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Augustus Caesar

            Augustus Caesar, the founder of the Roman Empire, is one of the greatest pivotal figures in history. He ended the civil wars that had disrupted the Roman Republic during the first century B.C. and reorganized the Roman government so that internal peace and prosperity were maintained. Due to the fact that he was in office for almost half a century he succeeded in creating a new type of government. .
             23 September 63 B.C. marks the birth of Gaius Octavius (better known as Octavian). Octavian's father was one of the elite senators of Rome and his mother was Julius Caesar's sister. At the age of four he lost his father, leaving him in the hands of his mother and uncle. Julius Caesar, who had no legitimate son of his own, liked Octavian, and helped prepare him for a political career. [Boardman, 121] .
             Under the foot steps of his great uncle, Julius Caesar, Octavian showed his prominence at an early age. Octavian served under Julius Caesar in the Spanish expedition. In 44 B.C. Octavian, 18 years old, was assigned as the senior military commander in the Parthian expedition. [Scarre, 17] While in Illyricum, the shocking news reached Octavian that Caesar's had been assassinated. In Julius Caesar's will, he had adopted Octavian as his son. Octavian rushed back to Rome to find that Mark Antony and Aemilius Lepidus had taken over Caesar's position. Octavian refused to accept the matter; Octavian started winning many of Caesar's followers and supports. Realizing Octavian's popularity, Antony left Rome to take command in northern Italy in November 44 B.C. Recognizing the opportunity, Octavian marched with his army to Rome and obligated the senate to appoint him as the consul. [Zoch, 215] Three months down the road, Octavius was confronted by Marc Antony and Lepidus at Bologna, where the three reached an agreement, the Triumvirate, which would take away the power from the senate. After Lepidus retired from running for dictator, it left only Octavian and Marc Anthony.

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