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Franklin Roosevelt

             Throughout history, many people have contributed to building America. The American culture has not evolved through one event, or success, but through many contributions. There are scientists, mathematicians, scholars, authors, men in politics, and so on, who have contributed to the American culture and the country we live in today. One particular leader made a great difference to today's society. This man possessed qualities not any man possessed, this man achieved more than any man could have possibly achieve, this man was Theodore Roosevelt.
             Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27,1858 in New York. Theodore was an asthmatic child, and had very hard time breathing. He was puny and weak, and did not do much in his child hood life. His father installed a "home gym" for him to exercise and "make his body". As he grew older, his asthma attacks diminished, and he became a strong, big, and healthy man. (Auchincloss 12). Theodore graduated from Harvard University and became a father of six children. He was a very loved man, and was nominated Vice President in 1901. In the same year, he became the 26th president of the United States due to the bullet of Leon Czolgosz.
             Theodore became one of the greatest Presidents in America He was the youngest president every to be held in office, and he was the first president to travel beyond our nations borders, making the United States a world power through out the century. What made a great president was a leader who confronted and overcame the republics greatest crises. Theodore did that, during the change of a new century. He worked on foreign policy, and made reforms during the Progressive Era. Franklin Roosevelt once said Theodore Roosevelt was a "moral leader, each in his own way and his own time who used the presidency as a pulpit." Theodore also called the presidency " a bully pulpit" by which he meant that it gave him an opportunity to win public support for change.

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