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Atilla the hun

            Attila the Hun was the most feared leaders in medival times. With the sword he found lying in a field believed to be the sword of the war god Mars lead Attila and gave him the confidence to kill many men and become a great and powerful leader. You could say that Attila was a bully specially to Rome they paid him in gold so Attila wouldn't attack Rome, that did not last too long.
             Attila the Hun has been known as a ruthless barbarian, fierce and uncivilized. The devastation that he delivered his enemies and the terror that he instilled in them during his lifetime caused him to become known as "The Scourge of God". While most people see Attila as being just a ferocious warrior, the other side of him shows us that he was also a great king, possessing great leadership abilities and management skills.
             Attila the Hun was born in 406 AD to the ruling Hun family, his uncle being the king. Attila was taught to ride a horse, shoot a bow, and fight in hand-to-hand combat at a very young age. By his late teens, he was leading the Huns in battle against their enemies, the Visigoths. In battles, Attila was crazy. He destroyed numerous towns causing utter devastation. No one could match him in battle, and by his thirties, he was the Huns' leading commander.
             Attila and his brother Bleda succeeded the throne upon the king's death in 433. However, in 445, Attila murdered his brother and obtained entire rule of the Hun kingdom. As king, Attila demanded large amounts of tribute from the Roman Empire and destroyed nearby villages when his demands were not met. For many years, the Eastern Roman Empire, ruled by Theodosius II, paid Attila extreme amounts of money and gifts to keep an unsteady state of peace. Even though he was very rich, Attila led a very simple life. He ate normal Hun food, which was usually raw meat, and wore plain clothes. His belief system was most likely that of the ancient Roman gods, for throughout his life, he cared nothing for the Church or Christianity.

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