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Production: Jesus of Montreal

            The theatrical presentation Jesus of Montreal was a production based on several different actors and actresses. This used some of the ideas of Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), "who lived and wrote in the United States during the 1940s, he wanted to provoke his audience into thinking about what they were seeing." "To do this, he would interrupt a story with a song or a speech by a narrator." At the beginning of this film Jesus of Montreal it gives the audience a certain shock because it starts out as a play then later you realize that was not the film it was the play within this film. .
             There are many images portrayed in this production. However, there are at least two images that are noticeable in this film. The image of the film was located in the modern city in modern time. The film had the pay phone which one actress used when the character Daniel (JESUS) got hurt during the play. They also had thick computers, cameras, and different forms of modern technology. The play used different images such Roman clothing, crucifixions as a form of punishment and their language, which was French. .
             This production is functionally distinguishable because our language is mostly English and our clothing is very different. We don't use rotary phones anymore and most of our technology has been updated to better styles. In our time frame we don't have crucifixions as forms of punishment and our plays are done in modern theaters. The time and place of the film is the late 80s or early 90s in Montreal, Canada. The play itself is presented for the day of April 3, 33A.D or 1st century A.D but archeologist is not really sure. The place of the play was in Judea. .
             The forces that operate in this world is the church showed as the actor who plays Jesus walks through the church and stands in the cross shape made by the church benches. The police when asked not to perform the play stop the government, as the actors.

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