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Toms River New Jersey

            Toms River, a town in the state of New Jersey, is located on the southeast coast of the state and is recognized as one of the many towns located at the jersey shore. Its approximate latitude and longitude is 40 degrees latitude and 74 degrees longitude. Toms River is approximately 5-10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean (provides for an attractive and popular resort area), and at the southwestern end is the spectacular view of the Delaware Water Gap. It is also located about two hours from the Ramapo Mountain Range which is located in North New Jersey. I chose to write about the town of Toms River because I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the town where I spent my childhood years.
             The Climate Type of Toms River, NJ is Humid Continental. The climate type was determined by the use of a climograph (information of temperature and precipitation) and use of Koppen system. The interaction of cold, dry air masses, from the northwest, with warm moist air masses from the south produces different types of weather patterns. The Precipitation level is distributed evenly throughout the year with slightly more precipitation in the late summer months. Frequent storms also may occur in the late winter (northeasterly) and in the warm months (tropical storms or Hurricanes), causing much damage to all of the coastal areas including Toms River. Toms River also experiences all four-season changes. It is cold in the winter months (average temp. "32.9), cool during the fall months (average temp. "54.3), warm during the spring season (average temp. "60), and becomes hot during the summer months (average temp "72). Because New Jersey's climate is continental, Toms River experiences warm summers and cold winters due to its location.
             Toms River, NJ is classified as a forest and woodland biome. Centrally located on the Outer Coastal Plain in New Jersey, Toms River's vegetation structure includes plant life that ranges from the sandy beaches of Ocean County to the forests of the Pine Barrens.

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