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Spending a Day in Macao Without Money

            When I had no money to spend on Sunday, I thought that I would have a miserable day since I could not do my favorite activity v/s shopping. Then, how could I get through the all morning and the long afternoon in Macau? Later, I realized that I could do something meaningful. It became easy for me to enjoy sitting in the library, to develop a good relationship with other members in the family and to visit the elderly nursing home.
             First of all, without money to spend on Sunday, I had more time for my personal interests. I did more reading in the public library. I could read different kinds of books. In the library, people need to keep quiet, so I could easily concentrate on my reading and in the mood of enjoying reading. I tried to read a book called, "Tess of The DUrbervilles" which took me several hours to finish. Therefore, time seemed to run faster, and I have benefited from reading books. In addition, I could do my homework in advance. I did not need to rush in the last minute to do the homework, and it was more convenient to find reference there for my essay.
             Secondly, I spent time with my parents and my sisters. Instead of going out with friends, I stayed at home and talk with my parents. I was not their "neighbour" any longer. Our relationship has improved. I realized that my parents were not as conservative as I had thought of. We talked about our daily life, and shared our opinions about it. They gave me some impartial advices too. We had enjoyed the pleasant time. Moreover, I stopped arguing with my sisters. I played games with them, such as the TV games. We were happy together and tried to understand one another better. As a result, I enjoyed the "Family Day", and I gained by having a better family relationship.
             Finally, I shared my happiness with others. I visited an elderly nursing home and became a volunteer worker there. It was a great experience in my life. I met many old people with different characteristics.

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