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Moll Flanders and Her Relationships With Men

             Moll seems to marry Robin as a last resort when it is clear that the older brother will not have her as a wife. Although Robin is madly in love with her she will have nothing to do with him. The one-sided courtship seems to wear Moll down and the marriage proceeds. What is strange about the relationship is that Moll never mentions anything of the domestic life in the book. The entire marriage only takes a page and a half to dispose of. .
             "It concern the story in hand very little to enter into the farther particulars of the family, or of myself, for the five years that I liv"d with my husband" (Moll Flanders p. 56).
             Moll's values here seem to merely be existence. She has two children by Robin but she seemed only content to survive the marriage. Moll was only too happy to be relieved of the children. .
             "My two children were indeed taken happily off my Hands, by my Husband's Father and Mother, and that by the way was all they got by Mrs. Betty." (Moll Flanders p.57).
             By Moll's accounts Robin was a fine husband who genuinely cared for her and seems to have made their life together pleasant but Moll does not miss him, or even grieve.
             "I was not all together suitably affected by the loss of my husband-.
             (Moll Flanders p. 57).
             Marriages of convenience are still a part of modern life today. Although they are not nearly as common as they used to be. We have all heard of couples that stay together "for the children" but have no real love for each other. They become two acquaintances living in the same house. Often when the children are grown the parents make the physical move of separation that their minds and hearts made many years before. .
             At this point in the story Moll seems motivated by her own self-interests. As soon as her husband is dead she turns to take stock of her monetary situation and then moves in with a friend of hers vowing to marry "well".
             Relationship #2.
             Moll and The Gentleman-Tradesman.

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