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Themes of Merchant of Venice

            In William Shakespeare's THe merchant of Venice, the mains themes are racism, love and friendship. Racism is shown through Shylock and Antonio, Love is a theme through Portia and Bassanio and friendship is through Antonio and Bassanio.
             Racism is a main theme in Shakespeare's play because it is universal and is still being faced today. Racism is evident throughout the play be the characters Shylock and ANtonio. Shylock, is reffered to as 'The Jew' all throughout the play by all the other characters who are Christian. Before Bassanio joins the bond, Shylock says, "if you prick us, do we not bleed?." meaning all people are the same and that we 'Jews' should not be treated differently. In the play, the first conflict is between Antonio and AShylock because of the issue of racism. Therefore, racism is a main theme in The Merchant Of Venice.
             Another theme in SHakespeare's play is love. Love is portrayed in this play through Portia and Bassanio. Without the theme of love, ANtonio would not have made a bond with Shylock and therefor leaving no entertainment plot in the story. Bassanio married Portia by choosing the correct casket of lead which says, "he shall hazard all he hath", which is a sub-plot in the play. THus, love is a main theme in the Merchant of Venice.
             In WIlliam Shakespeare's play, the theme of friendship is present. THe universal theme of friendship is presented through Bassanio and Antonio. Antonio, the Merchant of Venice, is a kind and generous friend to Bassanio and he lends money to Bassanio for th elove of Portia. ANtonio then agrees to 'seal unto this bond' with Shylock accepting that if he does not pay back what he owes, a pound of Antonio's flesh will be taken. If it weren't for friendship, then this issue would not have been raised, leaving no plot. Hence, friendship is main theme in Shakespeare's play.
             William Shakespeare's THe Merchant Of Venice is a complex play with a romantic weaving of tales without logic, where the audience is poised between a fairytale and reality.

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