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DBQ- on Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

            Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were two great leaders in American history. Being the great leaders that they were does not mean that they thought the same things on numerous subjects. Although America will always remember them, they are most remembered for their differences, not their similarities. .
             The two parities formed because of opposition in the government. The officers elected by George Washington, had many differences. Mostly, two offices of the board, Thomas Jefferson-Secretary and Alexander Hamilton-Secretary of Treasure, led those differences. Even though these two were capable of coming together to make as one, they had many differences in how the government should have been run. Therefore, two parties were formed; the Federalist led by Hamilton, and the Democratic Republicans led by Jefferson. .
             Alexander Hamilton differed from Jefferson's opinions in many ways. First off, he thought the government should only be ran by the wealthy people. He stated "implied powers are to be considered as delegated equally with express ones"(Document B). He believed that the machine should be the main source of economic growth as opposed to agriculture. Hamilton also created a financial program to stabilize a new government. Hamilton's response to the Kentucky Resolutions in 1798 stated that he thought the "judicial power shall extend to all cases arising under the laws and of the United States" (Document H). He believed that if the legislative and judicial powers would blend together to assume authority. Alexander Hamilton had a very loose interpretation of the Constitution; he wanted a powerful central government at the expense of the states" rights. The Federalist Party believed the Federal Government should take over the states" rights. .
             Thomas Jefferson was also a very influential leader in the late 1700s and the early 1800s. Although Hamilton and Jefferson were both alike in leadership abilities and common knowledge of the government, they had so many contrasting elements in how it should have been run.

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