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Internet Marketing

             "Internet is a global system of intern-connected computer networks beyond that system of inter-connected networks, many other sophisticated software and hardware components are needed to provide the required support structure: database software, network switches and hubs, encryption hardware and software, multimedia support, and, of course, the World Wide Web."(Gary P. Schneider et al) .
             Unique features of the internet include:.
             The TCP/IP internet protocol.
             Still is one of the basic operations that the internet rely on, the Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) and the Internet Protocol(IP). These protocols define the way data is moved around networks and how these network connections are transmitted and broken. When computer's transmit this several layer TCP/IP program on a network, internet is established. There's a protocol for mail which determines the commands that a computer sends to another, the mail protocol makes sure the message get through to the other person. Another protocol is one such as TCP that provides services needed by many applications. A third protocol is IP which provides the basic service of getting datagrams to their destination. Finally there are the protocols needed to manage a specific physical medium, such as Ethernet or a point to point line.
             IP addresses and domains.
             Every computer that is connected to the Internet needs a unique address to identify it. This address, known as an IP address, is assigned to computers either manually (static IP addressing) or through some sort of address server (dynamic IP addressing). An IP address is 32 bytes long. These 32 bytes are separated into four groups of 8 bytes each, no more and no fewer. The Domain Name System is a method for equating hard to remember IP addresses with (relatively) easier to remember word groupings. There are two primary categories of domains: the country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), and the generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

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