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Book Review "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"

            "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" written by Dyan Sheldon is a story about one teenage girl, who name is Mary Elizabeth Cep (or Lola, as she prefers to be called). She moved with her mother and two stepsisters from New York City to the suburbs of New Jersey. Here, she sets out to become the queen of her new high school, but she didn't know that the role of the most popular girl in the school was already taken by Carla Santini. .
             The initial conflict of this story begins when both girls want to get the main role in big school play ("Pygmalion"). When Lola wins this part, Carla Santini understands that now she needs "to fight until the death" not to loose her "warm" place in the school. The rising action of the story is when, in retaliation, Carla makes all students give Lola the silent treatment and buys tickets to a sold-out concert of Lola's favourite rock band. Lola doesn't have any tickets, but to make Carla nervous she told her, that she does. She has just few problems: she doesn't have enough money to buy tickets and a dress, and her mother didn't let her go to this concert. One way to go there is to lie. .
             At this trip she had a lot of adventures; the most important one was when Lola met the band's lead singer, Stu Wolff. The climax of the story is, when after all she went to the concert. The solution of the story is, that nobody believed Lola, that she, actually, was there, but, on the other side, Lola was so magnificent at the school play, that everybody forgot about all problems and they decided to work out a truce.
             The story occurs nowadays in two places: Manhattan (New York City) and Dellwood (the suburbs of New Jersey).
             The time and place are important to the story, because just nowadays girls can be so crazy about bands and singers, they can even break the law just to see them closer or to keep as a souvenir some peace of their clothes or stuff like this.
             The main characters in this story are Lola and Carla Santini.

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