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Airline safety

             Purpose: To inform people on the safety of airlines.
             Attention getter: What would you do if you were five miles from the ground and someone had pulled a knife on you, and was in the process of hijacking the plane? Well that's what happened on September 11.
             Relevance: Terrorism has become a major problem in the airline industry. .
             Credibility and Rapport: I chose Airline safety as my topic because I know a lot of pilots and I also know a lot of people that work for airline companies. It is also a major issue with the fast pace world that we now live in.
             Exact purpose statement: I want to inform people on how safe the airlines are.
             Preview main points: How the airport has changed physically. I also want to inform you about the positive and negative effects of change. And also on how you can prepare to fly. .
             Transition: Because of all of the terrorism that is taking place right now the Airports have no chose but to tighten Security, just for the sheer fact to make people feel safer.
             I. Security at airports all around the United States has dramatically changed from five or ten years ago. .
             A. For example there is many more security guard.
             1.There are now security guards standing at all terminals.
             2. Just this past weekend I went to visit a friend that works at the Waco airport and before I could even park in the parking lot a security guard comes up to your car and questions you on what your doing.
             3.Also in the waco paper it talks about the short term parking lot being totally shut down because of the Orange code that we are now under.
             B. Airports have also increased their technology .
             1. Used to you would only have to go through a metal detector, and they really .
             didn't question anything. Now the detectors pick up on anything. They even make you take off your shoes if the soles are really thick, so they can run then through the X-ray machine.
             2. Airline workers also have a wand that detects anything from metal to arson.

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