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Harold and Maude

             The story of Harold and Maude is centralized around a 20 year old man by the name of Harold. Harold is an only child how is beings raised by a single a parent, his mother. His mother is a middle-aged woman who seeks control all aspects of her son's life. Harold has an extremely morbid fascination with death in all of its forms. He performs various forms of suicide much to the displeasure of his mother. Also Harold attends the funeral services of complete strangers, drives a Hurst and frequently watches the demolition of condemned buildings. While attending a funeral one day Harold meets an extremely odd old women. The woman introduces herself as Maude. Maude tells Harold such oddities as she once traveled to Tibet, she has danced with kings and that she is nearly eighty years old and anything over eighty is just to old. Harold becomes fascinated by Maude's alternative and uplifting prospective on life. Maude is quit possibly the only person on earth who has less regard for society's norms than Harold. Slowly Harold and Maude become friends, although Harold was not ready to except the idea that he had feelings about a living being. Maude teaches Harold, by example, an entirely new way of looking at life. This new philosophy of Maud's is completely the opposite of the totalitarian rule that Harold has lived with in his mother's house. Harold begins to see Maude and her philosophy as the freedom his has so desperately been seeking his entire life. Soon Harold falls in love with this freedom and thus in turn falls in love with Maude. So logically, Harold decides that since Maude and he are in love that they should get married. On the morning of Maud's birthday Harold and she are married. At this point Harold reaches the apex of his happiness. However Harold's joy is short lived; Maude informs him that she will be dead before midnight. Maude's goes on to explain that she has taken "two tablets.

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