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The Charisma of Napoleon

             What makes a leader a good leader? Is it intelligence, speaking ability, integrity or overall ability to lead a group? Many people hold differing views of what they like in a leader. However, as is the case in Animal Farm by George Orwell, charisma is sometimes all that is necessary to land a leadership role and keep it. Animal Farm supports the statement, "leadership is no longer about integrity and ability but charisma," by the events that take place during Napoleon's "rule.".
             Charisma is a special charm or allure that inspires fascination or devotion, or a special quality of leadership that captures the popular imagination and inspires allegiance and devotion. Napoleon clearly possesses this characteristic which is evident in his "inspiring allegiance and devotion." It seems that no matter what he does he always inspires devotion and allegiance from the animals. For example, even after the windmill was destroyed, the animals, for whatever reason, still believe in Napoleon. After Napoleon chases away Snowball, the animals band around Napoleon because he demonstrates the charisma to step up and become the leader. Although his charisma is strong, his integrity is not.
             Webster defines integrity as, "the quality or state of being complete, the perfect condition, a soundness or state of having a moral principle, uprightness, honest or sincerity present." Napoleon possesses none of these qualities. He demonstrates hypocritical behavior and represents himself to all animals and people falsely. He tells the animals how hard they work, how their lives have improved, how they have freedom, and that everything thing they do is for their own benefit. To the people, he describes how hard he works the animals and how everything he undertakes is just about business. He never accepts blame but rather, creates scapegoats. For instance, he blames Snowball for the destruction of the windmill, and blames the people for the animal's hardships.

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