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Vietnamese pizza

             Although I've tried many kinds of foods of different countries, Vietnamese pizza is still my most favorite food. I love it because it's a delicious, easy to cook; moreover, it's a symbol of South Vietnamese people. I believe you will love it when you have a chance to try it. Cooking Vietnamese pizza requires three steps. Those three steps are preparing all ingredients are needed, boiling and cutting shrimp and pork, and cooking is the final step.
             Each country has its own special foods that represent that country. For example, when we talk about sushi, then we know it's Japanese food, or kim-chee is Korean food. In my country, we have three different kinds of foods represent North, Central, and South Vietnam. Vietnamese pizza represents South food. It's well known because it's great and not expensive as noodle soup, so everyone can try.
             Before cooking, you need to have all following ingredients: one package Bot Banh Xeo mix (rice flour), three cups of water, 1 cup of beer, oil, delight coconut milk, four green onion, two yellow onions, one pound medium shrimp, half pound lean pork, fresh bean sprout, one head read leaf lettuce, fish Garlic Sauce.
             Your first step is boiling shrimp and lean pork. Boiling shrimp and pork need to do first because it takes more than an hour. After thirty minutes that shrimp and pork had been boiled, cut pork in thin slices. You need to cut pork in thin slices because if it's thick, pork slices will not be well cooked. With the shrimp, peel off shrimp skin and cut in half lengthwise. After you cut the shrimp in half lengthwise, you need to take dirt inside the shrimps.
             The next thing you do is preparing ingredients. Ingredients play an important part because without ingredient, the Vietnamese pizza is not delicious any more. You need to cut onion in thinly slices. Then, you take one package of rice flour mix with three cups of water until it completely moistened.

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