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Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding

            Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding in the World of Figure Skating.
             Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan were both world-class figure skating champions, who rose to the top out of very humble circumstances. Both were widely admired for their skill and accomplishments, but they were two totally different people. .
             Nancy Kerrigan grew up with a back ground of having very supportive family and wonderful friends. She had a very dedicated life towards them. Tonya Harding was not as lucky. She had a few friends here and there, and a family, but she was not nearly as close to them as Nancy was. Tonya had a reputation for living with people that were not the best of the best and different aspects of her family life were all taken on a rocky road. Nancy started in the sport of figure skating a little before Tonya did. In the beginning, Nancys parents struggled to pay the ways for her talent, whereas Tonya actually received more financial help. When the young Kerrigan started skating, the sport was her only social life, but a social life outside the skating world was always very important to Harding. Nancy and Tonya were both dedicated skaters in completely different ways. Nancy has an amazing work ethic, including early mornings and after school. Tonya had a work ethic, but it seemed to change everyday. Nancy has always been very consistent, when you never know what to expect from the other athlete. Nancy always felt a ton of pressure from herself, and only herself. She never let any one else put the pressure on her. On the other hand, Tonya Harding let others get to her. She would always want to do what she thought others would want to do, and skate in a way to only impress others. Nancy put out a lot of heart in the sport, but did not care about what others were saying or thinking about her. Nancy always knew what to expect of her self, and she worked for it. Tonya seemed to have the personality of someone who only did what others expected.

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