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Lennies Death

             Of Mice And Men, By John stienbeck had two main characters George and Lennie. George was a friend where you would help a friend get out of trouble. Lennie was the one who would get a friend in trouble but not with intention. My opinion on George's scarifies was that he had made the wrong choice. George could of found Lennie and ran far were no one would find them or George could of himself instead of watching Curley kill Lennie took in Lennie to the police department and turned him in. George could have changed their appearance when they would have made it to a town where no one knew them and changed everything. .
             George wasn't thinking of what he was doing because he said "I"m gonna find Lennie before Curley does and I don't know what all do then". George was confused because of what Lennie did to Curley's wife. He didn't think it would ever come down to something so bad. George could of found a way were he would be able to tell Lennie the story but also not kill him. The last thing that Lennie said before he died was "and I"ll take care of the rabbits- George could of took in Lennie back to the ranch were no one would see him and get their things and run but George couldn't think he was scared to death to think. George didn't also know what to do he wanted Lennie to be in a happy place were no one would hurt him and make him suffer.
             Lennie didn't know what he was doing to Curley's wife, he didn't know that he was hurting her he just wanted to touch and play with her hair. Lennie couldn't even remember what he did with her so he wasn't even scared or nothing because he couldn't think of what he did except play with her hair. Lennie had gone crazy for about a few minutes and busted her neck. George found out but went back to his cabin and got his gun and acted like he didn't know what was going on because he didn't want Curley and every one else to think he was part of the murder.

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