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             The movie Screemplay was a good movie. It had to overcome a small budget, but it was not that bad. At times it was hard to take serious because of the bad special effects. The audience has to put this out of their mind when they are watching the film because the effects take away from the believability of the film. The idea of the film is a good one, and this is why the film was not completely bad. This idea was original and interesting to me. The only problem with the film was that you knew who was going to die, when they would die, and how it would happen. The only part that was secret was the "who" part of the film. I personally knew who it was before the killer was revealed. The girl in the film who was the killer was too obvious in some scenes. She wanted to be like Edgar Allen, and she exceeded him. It began when he taught her about going with her emotions. Then she started to become violent. She also had sex with motel manager a decision that would have gone the other way earlier in the movie. She went with her emotion to help Edgar Allen, and knew how to help him without much thought. When she seduced the manager she also started clawing at him, which was another tell that she was the killer. To me it also seemed too obvious that Edgar Allen would be the killer.
             Another problem the movie had was it seemed easy to predict. The only people who interacted with the killer were the people in the motel. I knew all the victims would be the people in the hotel. I also knew after the first in encounter with the old actress just about every one in the hotel would make him mad during their interaction. I knew the young actress would live because she was his love interest. Also the manager seemed to want to have nothing to do with Edgar Allen except when Edgar was making him jealous. He ordered him to work, but Edgar did not get mad perhaps because he saved his life. This would have made Edgar indebted to him.

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