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            Experiment Name : Simulation using Opnet - Enthernet.
             In this experiment I will experiment to see what the effects of an increasing load is on a netwrok of various nodes. The factors I will be experimenting with will be number of Nodes in the network, the frame size(bytes) of packets and the interarrival time (seconds). Working with these factors I will analyse the impacts on the netwrok due to this increasing / decreasing load. The impact on the newtork can be viewed by factors such as data collisions and the utilisation, the end-to-end delay and the number of transmission attempts.
             For the first part of the experiment, I will experiment with a network consisting of 8 Nodes. The following table is the results for this part of the experiment.
             Part A of the experiments results.
             Analysis of the first experiment conducted.
             In the this first part of the experiment, the number of Nodes remained the same in the netwrok (8) in order for me to analyse other factors which could effect the load on the network. For the first two simulation the frame size of the packets was 1250 bytes. The only factor that I changed for these two simulations was the interarrival time, so that I could see if the interarrival time effected the load on the network or did not, and if it did, by how much. I expected that it may effect the network slightly. The results I collected was that the interarrival time in this case had no effect at all on the load of the network as all factors describing the load on the network (utilisation,end-to-end-delay,no.of collisions,no.of transmission attempts) remained equal in both simulations despite the decrease in the interarrival time. In the third and fourth simulation the frame size was lowered to 625 bytes for both of the simulations as again I wanted to explore if the interarrival time effected the load of the network, but now with smaller packet sizes. For the third simulation the interarrival time was set at 0.

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