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The Shaw Shank Redemption

             Andy was convicted of a crime he says he didn't commit and he gets thrown in gaol for two life sentences. In gaol Andy discovers how fear and hope can get the better of people, Andy discovers strong friendships and uses his knowledge to his advantage which brings about a whole new future. The Director explored Justice and Injustice, Corruption, Friendship and Hope as themes in The Shaw Shank Redemption.
             Justice and Injustice was debated in class and questions arose; Was it justice that the fat prisoner was beaten to death by the guard on his first night???, When Bob the head sister was beaten to an inch of his life by the guards because of the acts he had done in prison??? Or when the warden shoots himself as the authorities were on their way to arrest him??? The director made us think in this movie with this theme as it wasn't as simple as it was portrayed. Why was Red in gaol for 40 years? He was sentenced for one life sentence and he served double to what was given. In parole meetings he told the parole board what he thought they wanted to hear, saying that "He was rehabilitated and was no longer a threat to the community". On his last parole meeting he went in there and said what he really thought about life and about the parole board.
             Tommy was a bright young man, when he went into gaol Andy helped him get his high school diploma, and changed his view on life. Tommy's knowledge from a story that was told by a former inmate at a former prison proved that Andy was innocent. Andy went to the warden and explained that he was innocent and wanted to have a retrial. The warden told Andy that he couldn't do that, when really he was scared that Andy would tell people about the fraud that was being committed at Shaw Shank. The warden wanted to know if Tommy's confession was true and organises a meeting with him. Tommy tells the warden that he would swear on the bible of Andy's innocence.

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