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Citizen kane as a remembered person story

            Citizen kane as a remembered person story.
             The structure of "Citizen Kane" is circular, adding more depth every time it passes over the life. The movie opens with newsreel obituary footage that briefs us on the life and times of Charles Foster Kane. They provide a map of Kane's trajectory, and it will keep us oriented as the screenplay skips around in time, piecing together the memories of those who knew him. Citizen Kane follows the journey of Kane from orphan to millionaire and through to his mysterious, solitary death. He controls the news, but more than simply controlling it through a chain of newspapers, he creates it. When no suitable stories exist to be told, he makes one happen, then reports on it. Kane even runs for President of the United States, but his life is ultimately about the quest for acceptance and popularity and the loneliness that money cannot fix in Citizen Kane. The symmetry of Citizen Kane is also interesting as the film begins and ends by showing a "No Trespassing" sign on the outside fence of Kane's mansion, or his "Xanadu." The sign is also a reminder that audiences are being told a secret. They are being shown the true meaning of a man's life through the course of the movie, which ties into the earlier point about only audiences learning what "Rosebud" means. Letting only audiences know about the meaning of the word "Rosebud" serves to make the viewers feel as though they have learned a secret that carries with it a valuable lesson, which characters in the movie may not have realized at all. Despite his power, fame, and extreme wealth, Kane dies an unhappy, lonely man. His final days and the final word he utters are reminders to audiences that despite all of his influence and power, he lacked perhaps the most important key to happiness, which is love. Besides delving into the details of the intricate plot, excellent dialogue, groundbreaking cinematograph, Citizen Kane also deserves attention for its other brilliant aspects: the use of lighting, the movement of camera, makeup, and beautiful soundtrack.

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