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Why Not Visit Lebanon

            Lebanon, a country in the Middle East has been a place of attraction for many centuries, especially for the counties near by because Lebanon has great weather all year round. Lebanon has also had a great style in fashion brought by the French when they ruled over Lebanon such as Armani, Gucci, C.K. and many others. Every February all the malls and stores make a big sale on all their items, and this sale lasts for a month, and during this month Lebanon has thousands of visitors rushing through. Since Lebanon has a humid climate most people prefer resting in the mountains, nevertheless all the shopping in Beirut, which is a 6-minute drive from the nearest mountain and 2 minutes from the nearest beach. During the month of February another attraction is skiing on the white mountains of Lebanon.
             Lebanon has many cultures and many religions. So if you want to celebrate any type of holiday you can do so in Lebanon, whether it's Christmas, Ramadan or simply just for the summer. During Christmas the streets are full of people shopping for gifts. The streets are all decorated with lights and other Christmas decoration. In Ramadan many people come from the Islamic countries, and all the Muslim people try to fast then after Ramadan is over they go on a shopping .
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             spree and buy stuff for there friends and relatives. During the summer Lebanon is pretty hot therefore most of the people rent cabins and chalets on the beach and spend their summer swimming, fishing or tanning. However if you don't like to get hot you can rent a hotel room that has a view of the beach and the snow at the same time.
             In the past decade Lebanon has followed the American style, with the baggy pants, the loose cloths, body piercing, and the big chain necklaces. Since some of the people don't like America, because they think that Americans supply Israel with weapons, that group of people has been trying to shut down all American stores, restaurants, and factories by any means possible.

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