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Collectivism as a Theme in Ayn Rand

            Collectivism is a major theme in Ayn Rand's book, Anthem. It takes place in the future after the human race is almost depleted. The survivors live in a state of collectivism. I believe that collectivism, in the sense of this book, is depraved, just as communism.
             In Anthem, and just as in communism, elite people keep the inferior people oppressed. Chine is a good comparison to the society in Ayn Rand's book. A more superior group of people chooses the jobs for the inferior people in Anthem. This relates to china in a way because everyone is paid equally and the pay is the equality of pennies here in America.
             Another way Anthem's society relates to communism is their sense of reproduction. In Anthem, a higher group of people tells the inferiors when and where to reproduce. People's partners are also chosen for them. To me, this relates to communism because in China, the superior control the number of children each couple can have. .
             In Anthem, there is no public voice. The people don't have the right to vote for anything. It is just the same with co9mmunism. In China, people have no public voice. This strategy, taking away the rights of the people, makes it easier to leave them powerless.
             Communism is against everything our country, America, stands for. After reading Anthem, I remembered just how lucky I am to live in the United States of America. Ayn Rand's book immediately reminded me of communism and how it keeps people oppressed. I am thankful for my sense of volition, while others are no so fortunate. .

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