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             Everyone living on planet Earth has heard, read or seen a news report dealing .
             with Global Warming or what is known as the Greenhouse Effect. Well, over the years .
             people have been trying to find ways to cut down or slow the depletion of our protective .
             ozone around the planet. Some of those ways have been: car pooling, only gas your car at .
             certain times, no operation of this machine or that machine during the day, don't cut your .
             lawn and so on and so forth. But the only true way to cut down the emission of these .
             deadly gases into are ozone is to have countries or companies to be more specific, cut .
             back their emission of harmful gases into our atmosphere.
             Well, the DuPont Company has been cutting its emission of greenhouse gases for .
             close to ten-years now and that think they have finally found a solution to help maybe .
             slow the greenhouse effect that is happening to Earth. There idea in process is basically a .
             piece of paper that represents one ton of carbon dioxide that should be released into our .
             air, but wasn't. In the article, it gives the opinion that the man who created this scheme is .
             just contributing to the problem, not fixing it. .
             As the article continues, it states that the idea of this permit was brought on by the .
             Kyoto Protocol. The protocol is requiring nations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions .
             by certain amounts, every so set amount of years. When a country is told is can only let .
             out so much greenhouses gases, it splits up the number between the companies within its .
             boundaries. When the protocol went into effect, not all of the companies could get under .
             their appointed dosage, so they had a problem. That's when trading began to occur .
             between companies who had extra dosage and companies who went over their set .
             amounts. Most of the time, it is the large companies who have to pay money to the .
             smaller companies who might have left over space to let out gases. All in all, these .

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