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Walt Whitman, Champion of Democracy

             Many countries look to America for a blueprint of democracy. America, arguably the most successful country in the history of the world, owes most of its success to its democratic form of government. Henry Ford revolutionized the work force by creating the assembly line. Walt Whitman's utopia parallels the Ford assembly line. America is a place where everyone does a specialized job and works together to create and maintain the common product known as democracy. Walt Whitman champions democracy in "I Hear America Singing," "Election Day 1884," and "For You O Democracy," and "Song of the Open Road." Whitman revolutionizes the poetry world with his employment of narrative-like writing, and use of listing. Walt Whitman believes the greatness of America originated in the masses of proud and loyal individuals.
             In "I Hear America Singing," Walt Whitman voices his belief that every American has pride in their life and vocation; thus, enhancing the concept of democracy. In their daily lives each person sings "what belongs to him or her and to none else" (line 11). This demonstrates the importance of American individuals believing in their self worth and in their personal contributions to society. Most of the occupations that Walt Whitman writes about are basically blue-collared jobs. These workers feel their unique contributions make a difference in the world. They aren't concerned with self-betterment as much as their democratic united pride in America. Walt Whitman writes, "at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly, / Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs" (lines 12-13). This shows that just like their specialized jobs are interrelated, each individual needs to be united with fellow Americans to make a strong democracy.
             In "Election Day, November, 1884," Walt Whitman names America's "powerfulest scene and show" (line 1). Whitman believes that America's "powerfulest scene and show" is Election Day (line 1).

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