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Poor Nora?

             Nora is a victim to her lifestyle only because she is so nave. Maybe she didn't know any better, or maybe she was just used to living her life as a "doll- because of the way her father treated her. Since she grew up thinking that she should adapt to the one she loves, it created a pattern for her later in life. When she married Torvald, she just carried on the traditional life to which she was accustomed - transferred from one man to another, the "father figure."" Nora, in her own "dream world,"" only believed to be happy, she had no idea of how to get in touch with her true feelings. Only when she and Torvald had the final confrontation, did she learn what she truly wanted in life. In a way, if Kristine had protected her from the letter, Nora's final outcome would have caused her "blinded- lifestyle to continue, and Nora would have never found herself. Therefore, Kristine was right in telling Nora that Torvald must find out for the good of the marriage. Although Nora and Torvald's marriage was ruined anyway, it was best the truth be known.
             Alternatively, Nora had no one but herself to blame for her own negligence. If she had been even remotely interested in developing herself as an adult she may have saved herself from the consequences. However, since she was so content in being "babied- and taken care of, she had no reason to question what made her happy. Nora was under the impression that she was fortunate to be in the position she was in, so she never thought to better herself. She was caught up in a material world and had no inclination to change it. Consequently, she catered to her own demise. .

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