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Joseph Campbells hero - The Matrix

            The Matrix has been compared to religion since the moment it was released in theaters. Religious connotations are undoubtedly prevalent throughout the movie. Many deem it to be a modern day Star Wars which in itself was jam-packed with many different spiritual ideas. Both of these movies follow Joseph Campbell's Hero flawlessly, which isn't surprising considering that Joseph Campbell helped in writing Star Wars and that The Matrix was heavily influenced by Star Wars. Neo is referred to as a Savior even in the beginning of the movie where a friend buying programs from him calls him a Savior and a modern day Jesus Christ. It is made clear that Neo feels neglected and unfulfilled choosing to live two separate lives. One life is that of Thomas Anderson, a 9am to 5pm office employee while the other is Neo, a computer hacker searching for more to life than just the monotony of everyday society. Campbell describes this stage as Predeparture. .
             The next stage is called Departure. Neo is faced with the choice to come to work everyday or be fired. Morpheus calls him from a cell phone sent in a package to warn him that agents are coming. This is Neo's call to adventure and by refusing to trust Morpheus while walking across the scaffold, he is refusing that call. Neo gets captured by the Agents who place a bug in his stomach so that they can keep track off him. This could quite possibly be the obstacle that would keep him from leaving. This barrier is removed when he chooses to trust Trinity and allow her to take him to Morpheus. Originally, I assumed that The Oracle would be Neos" supernatural aide, but if the stages go in order, then the first moment he meets Morpheus is when he meets his supernatural aide. Morpheus becomes a protective guide who will later even sacrifice himself for the sake of Neo. He shows him what the Matrix is and tells him that he was a slave and born into a prison for his mind.

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