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The Odyssey (traits of Odysseus)

            Odysseus, the main character of The Odyssey, portrays one major characteristic throughout the story - he is never at a loss. This is evident from the very beginning when the narrator states, "This is the story of a man, one who was never at a loss" (11). During the story, Odysseus has many adventures in which he has to think quickly to save his life. For example, Odysseus and his men get trapped in a cave with a Cyclops. Odysseus tells the Cyclops that his name is "Noman." Later, when other Cyclops come to the cave in worry, the Cyclops says, "O my friends, Noman is killing me by craft and not by main force!"(108). The other Cyclops think that Noman is no man, or nobody, and leave. Odysseus also thought ahead and did not kill the Cyclops when he was asleep. Instead, he tricked the Cyclops to move the boulder blocking the door. Another instance of Odysseus" cleverness is when Odysseus and his men arrive at the island of Aiolia. After some of his men are turned into pigs by Circe, Odysseus sets of to save them. Hermes appears as a mole and gives Odysseus a pendent. Also, Athena helps him throughout the story. These instances prove that Odysseus is never at a loss with the gods, and they are on his side. This is also proven by Zeus when he states, "He is almost one of us. Wise beyond mortal men, ready beyond all [ ]" (12). Yet another time Odysseus shows this trait is when he finally arrives at Ithaca. He is conversing with Athena, disguised as a young shepherd. After awhile, Athena reveals herself and praises Odysseus, exclaiming, "A cunning rogue he would be, master of craft, who would outwit you! Even a god couldn't do it. Irrepressible! Everlasting schemer! Indefatigable fabulist!"(154). All these instances in the epic declare Odysseus as a clever man who is never at a loss. .

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