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Prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird

             In To Kill A Mockingbird, there are many instances of prejudice.
             the lives of many and the death of one. Some of these instances are when Tom Robinson is shot.
             and killed, when Bob Ewell's lawyer accuses Tom Robinson of an ulterior motive when helping.
             Mayella Ewell, and when the town does not see anything wrong with Calpurnia caring for Jem.
             and Scout Finch.
             Calpurnia, although black, is not looked down upon when caring for Jem and Scout, both of.
             whom are white. This may be because the town of Maycomb respects Calpurnia and knows.
             Calpurnia, but it is most likely due to her role in the Finch family. Calpurnia was the cook, maid,.
             and child caretaker for the Finches, which probably looked like a slave to the town of Maycomb. .
             This is a prejudice because it is racism in that Calpurnia is not a slave, but she is seen as one.
             During Tom Robinson's rape trial, Bob Ewell's lawyer continuously accused Tom of an.
             ulterior motive when helping Mayella Ewell with chopping wood and such. Tom Robinson had.
             no ulterior motives, but, since he was black, it was "obvious" that he had to have been after a.
             sexual relationship with Mayella. I believe that this point swayed the jury the most.
             Finally, the occurrence that I believe is the most horrendously racist is when Tom Robinson is.
             shot "escaping from jail." I do not believe that anyone should be shot seventeen times for.
             escaping from jail unless that person was the murderer of many. Tom Robinson did not even do.
             the act for which he was in jail. Whether or not Tom Robinson was attempting to escape from.
             jail, there is no good, reasonable excuse for shooting him seventeen times, and especially not.
             killing him.
             In all, there was much prejudice, indignity, obstruction of justice, and racism present in To Kill.
             A Mockingbird; I would say too much to list. The book is an excellent showing of the times and.
             lives of the 1930s. It is sad that there was so much hate in the land of freedom, but there is hope.

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