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Parliamentary vs presidential

             In the article Concentration of Power vs. Lipson 1993) it compares and contrasts many states and their governmental system. For instance Athens and Rome, France and Britain etc., in order to understand a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of parliamentary and presidential models of government one must analyze countries in which these models are held: Canada vs. America. The parliamentary system of Canada is superior to the presidential system of America because it adheres to the citizens rather than large industries. This view is based on the article and in-class lectures and also from the media and governmental conferences. .
             America's governmental system mostly follows John Lockes" idea about the dispersion of power. He believed that the concentration of power is more likely to be abused, thus the aim of the constitution should be to diffuse power, because it is less likely to be abused. Locke also believed that in diffusing the power the consequences would be a stronger liberty for each individual. The American constitution can be broken down into three categories of authority: executive- the president, legislative-the congress and judiciary-the courts. Each with their own responsibility and authority, they act as a check and balance for one another. The president makes treaties with other countries, the congress make the laws, and only the courts can put the treaties and laws in effect. This shows the separation of power and the check and balance between each level of authority. An example of the check and balances is the American president chief of armed forces must issue the order for war, but only the congress can declare war. Also, the president has power to nominate an individual to become Supreme Court judge, but the senate must vote these nominees. .
             The legislative branch branches off into two houses: the lower house-the House of Representatives, and the upper house-the Senate (Congress).

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