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The Destruction of Earth

             Over the years, people are hearing more and more about the depletion of the environment. From problems such as pollution and acid rain to the depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels, the human race needs to make some drastic changes to preserve the Earth for further generations. People all over the world are destroying the environment and will not change unless it is affecting them personally, so it is up to the government to step in and make some changes. The condition of our environment is in a downward spiral that must be corrected soon.
             We are exhausting many natural resources that are essential to human life. Resources such as plants, animals, water, fossil fuels and air are all being destroyed by our "throwaway culture". The United States is by far the most wasteful nation in the world. In 1999, the United States consumed approximately 25% of the total energy used throughout the world (Total Primary Energy Consumption 4). Americans love luxury, and we could run out of natural resources soon if we do not prepare for the future. Plants and trees are declining at an alarming rate. It seems like we always hear of some new subdivision or highway being built. Deforestation usually occurs to clear space for something as large as a subdivision. The reason for these new homes is to accommodate the world's increasing population. Over the past ninety years, the United States population has increased approximately 225% (Population Growth of the Southwest United States, 1900-1990 5). This increase has caused more pollution and usage of energy sources.
             Fossil fuels play a key role in the lives of people across the world. From the consumers of fossil fuels, to the producers, the whole world is affected by the depletion of these resources. The world supply of fossil fuels can last the Earth another two hundred years; however, the consumption of what remains of our fossil fuels may increase the amount of carbon dioxide in our air four to eight fold (The Carbon Cycle, Climate, and Long Term Effects of Fossil Fuel Burning 3).

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