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Marketing Terms

            Relationship Marketing - the strategic perspective that stresses the long-term, human side of buyer-seller interactions. Marketers have realized that the key to success is building relationships between brands and customers that will last a lifetime. They (Marketers) are making an effort to interact with customers on a regular basis, and giving them reasons to maintain a bond with the company over time. .
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             Relationship Marketing - An ongoing interaction between a buyer and a seller in which the seller continuously improves its understanding of the buyer's needs, and the buyer becomes increasingly loyal to the seller because its needs are being so well satisfied. .
             Foot-in-the-door - technique/sales strategy is based on the observation that a customer is more likely to comply with a request if he or she has first agreed to comply with a smaller request. The customer is first asked a small request and then hit up for something bigger. The name for this technique comes from the practice of door-to-door selling, in which sales people were taught to plant their foot in a door so the prospector could not slam it on them. For example: a vacuum sales person comes to your door, first to give you information and a demonstration. Before you know it, you've made the purchase.
             Public Relations - Part of the promotion (4P's); P.R. is a management tool designed to favorably influence attitudes towards an organization, its products, and its policies (it is an often overlooked form of promotion). There are several reasons for management's lack of attention to public relations: Organizational structure, Inadequate definitions, and Unrecognized benefits.
             Public relations activities typically are designed to built or maintain a favorable image for an organization with its various publics-customers, prospects, stockholders, employees, community and government.

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