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Hiter vs. stalin

            During the period leading up to World War II, there were two men who opposed each other yet had similarities in their rise to power and their leadership. The men were Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. These men were each successful in their rise to power in their countries. These two men were very comparable in the ways that they succeeded. Their success was mostly attributed to their new ideas, their ruthlessness and their politics.
             Although Hitler and Stalin hated each other, the two leaders were very similar in many ways. Hitler and Stalin each rose to become the leaders of their countries, and there were three main reasons that they were able to do this. Both men abused their use of propaganda, both men were corrupt, and they both had the ambition to make their countries the most powerful in the world. Since each used propaganda a lot, they could use their words to twist and manipulate the minds of people into believing that what they were saying was the absolute truth. Using this power, they would get people to do anything for them, which proves their corruption. Since their countries were still trying to recover from World War I, they wanted to restore the power back in to their countries. These three reasons will prove that Hitler and Stalin were similar in many ways.
             Propaganda is the spreading of ideas to gain support for a cause. Hitler and Stalin each used propaganda as their tool to spread their ideas and help them gain the support of the people in their countries. Hitler made many speeches, this was his strength in turning people for him, his speeches were his most successful form of propaganda. Being able to gain Nazi party control and gain enough supporters, proves that he was an efficient user of propaganda. Hitler also had his own minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, when he became leader of the country. This proves that Hitler was a extensive user of propaganda, but Joseph Stalin was not as openly obvious with his uses of propaganda.

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